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“I truly believe that to change poor habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, you first have to change your mindset towards exercise. It has to be made enjoyable. I’ve done enough programs and gone through enough workout plans to learn that if you hate your workout, you won’t stick with it. That’s what I bring to Revolution Fitness. I want to find you the right exercises, build the right program, and change your thinking towards exercise to make it enjoyable so you can stick with it.”

Personal Training in Greater Vancouver

REVOLUTION FITNESS is committed to delivering high efficiency personal training in Greater Vancouver at the convenience of your doorstep. Whether at home, office, condominium gym, or select gyms, we specialize in in-home and private studio training in an environment that's comfortable for you. Our holistic approach helps you develop a more balanced lifestyle to make your health and fitness a priority with achieving greater results through a custom tailored personal training program.

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“Give your life some new energy.”

If you are looking for that extra push in your workouts or wanting to get started in your fitness journey altogether, start by contacting us today for a no-obligation fitness consultation and we’ll set you up for success in whatever goals you’ve set out to achieve. During this 1 hour session, we will establish your fitness goals, assess your physical strengths and weaknesses,  and show you how we can motivate you to achieve your optimal, healthy and strong  you. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, strengthening, or simply feeling more comfortable in your body, this consultation is your first step to getting into the best shape of your life — no matter your age.



Personal training sessions range from $40 to $70 per 1 hr session, depending on the frequency at which you train and the location of training. At your complimentary consultation and assessment, we will discuss your goals, the time you're willing to dedicate to achieve those goals, and your schedule for training. Based on this discussion you will be given a cost estimate per hour for personal training.

Small Group Training Rates:

Group Size of 2 = $50 per person
Group Size of 3 = $42 per person
Group Size of 4 = $38 per person
Group Size of 5 = $32 per person
Group Size of 6 = $30 per person